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The Requirements for a Video Game Graphic Designer

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Video games require a lot of time and effort to create and a large part of that is creating the look and feel of the game's "world." Video game graphic design is a specialized career; talent and education are important.

Background in Traditional Art

Video game graphic designers are expected to have a background in traditional arts. Drawing, painting and sculpting are all useful talents. Often, the images seen inside the game are first developed on paper.

University Degree

A degree in graphic design or multimedia arts is nearly always required for a video game graphic designer. A degree in these fields will offer students training in software and design theory, and will help to develop an artist's portfolio. Most universities offer programs in the visual arts and some offer specific classes that focus on video game design.

A Strong Portfolio

An artist is only good as her portfolio, and that holds true for graphic designers as well. When applying for a video game graphic design position, it can be taken for granted that a portfolio will need to be shown. A portfolio showcases an artist's best work and provides proof to potential clients or employers than the artist can provide what's necessary.

Talent and Skill

Creating art is a difficult job and talent is as important as training. Going to school is not enough to become a video game graphic designer. Talent and skill need to be nurtured and proven in order to be successful in the field.

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