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Careers in Fashion Marketing

Careers in fashion marketing can be exciting and rewarding, yet challenging and often stressful. The industry is fast paced; potential employers usually make employment decisions about a candidate with in the first 20 minutes of an interview. Yet despite all the hard work to become a player in this lucrative field, many people are intent on a career in fashion marketing.


Nothing provides quite the joy and satisfaction of a jobwell done than a career in fashion marketing. From the drawing board, to the runway and into stores, fashion marketing is an influential career, influencing shopping trends, styles, and the essential outlook of a genre.

Skills Needed

Candidates for careers in fashion marketing need a degree from an accredited fashion design institution. They must possess a genuine sense of creativity, as they will work with designers to create wardrobes and produce runway shows. They must be able to predict fashion trends, the needs of a targeted market, and industry patterns. Knowledge in consumer psychology is essential in fashion marketing. Despite all the glitz and glamor, careers in fashion marketing can be difficult. Aside from a general knowledge of fashion trends, students must be business-savvy. Potential candidates must possess skills in sales and promotion, budgeting and media communications. A background in graphic design elements is helpful, as well as experience in personal communication. Fashion marketers collaborate with retail outlets, photographers, fashion designers and suppliers.

Employment Statistics

Careers in fashion marketing are expected to rise 21 to 35 percent through 2010. Expected earnings for those seeking careers in fashion marketing are roughly $50,000 to $80,000 a year. While the numbers are tempting, careers in fashion marketing are highly competitive and employers look for those who are top of the class in grades, have excellent communication skills and express a sense of creativity and style.

Career Possibilities

Students who want to find a career in fashion marketing have many options to choose from within the field. Some find themselves working in partnerships with major designers and manufactures, becoming production assistants, visual merchandisers or stylist trainees. Others open their own boutiques developing into textile artists, fashion illustrators, patternmakers or fashion designers.

Tips for Obtaining Employment

A career in fashion marketing is one of the most sought-after field. It is easy to get lost amongs the other candidates. There are always some extra steps that help land that ideal job. The first step is networking, letting others know you are out there. Attend trade association meetings and parties and begin interacting with potential employers. Carry and frequently hand out business cards. Networking accounts for 50 to 60 percent of jobs obtained. Newspaper listings account for 15 percent of people hired. Recruiting organizations also help in finding employment and are more target specific. Recruiters can help with interviewing tips, résumé building and any other questions job seekers may have. Many fashion programs also offer help in job placement.