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The Advantages & Disadvantages of a Game Designer

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Game designers create the characters, levels, weapons and storylines of video games. A game designer works on a video game project from the original conception through the testing and debugging process. Weighing the pros and cons of a career in game design can help someone make a decision before entering the field.

Doing What You Love

An advantage of being a game designer for many people is the ability to do what you love. Those who enjoy video games have the pleasure of working in an industry that creates the subjects of their passion. One aspect of game design is games testing, which allows some workers to play the games to find bugs, issues and inconsistencies in the flow of the game.

Long Hours

Game designers work long hours--sometimes well into the night--trying to add the last touches to the game before it is released. Spending a great amount of time in front of a computer can be hard on the eyes and back. Poor posture while sitting in front of a computer can also contribute to the negative effects of long hours as a video game designer.

Growing Industry

The gaming industry seems to be growing while others are declining. In December 2009 while other industries were struggling in a difficult economy, the video game industry reeled in $5.53 billion in the United States, according to adigitaldreamer. Software engineers, animators, graphic designers, sound engineers and writers working in the gaming industry can benefit from the tremendous opportunities that are available.


As the game industry increases, the number of workers seeking opportunities increases as well. With more gaming professionals looking for employment, the ability to stand out from the crowd becomes more difficult. Video game design is an attractive career for many people who enjoy playing video games, but not everyone has the talent or skills to advance in the field. An education in computer science, programming, graphic design, animation and sound engineering is necessary to enter the industry.


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