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Laid Back Jobs

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

“One man's meat is another man's poison” is an old maxim that could be applied to laid-back jobs. Depending on your attitude and aptitude, what is laid back to you could be very stressful to another. If you are looking for work that can give you sustainable income, little or no pressure and flexible hours – maybe even the chance to work from home – then there are career opportunities for you.


You will have to work fixed hours, but if you are a school librarian you get long vacations when school is out of session. Work includes checking out books, shelving books and helping patrons locate material, either online or on a shelf. The work environment is quiet and you will have to remind some patrons of that on occasion. You can probably land a job with a high school diploma, but to earn a decent income you need a college degree, and to have a better position a master's degree in library science would be beneficial.

Tattoo Artist

Another career path to consider is becoming a tattoo artist. From back alleys to main street, tattooing has become a legitimate industry. While the job demands some structure – you will need a place to practice your craft and maintain regular hours – you can control when you go to work, and that means you can sleep late if you choose. You maintain creative control and get to meet a lot of interesting people. You don't need a college education, but you must have artistic ability.


Being a bartender means you get to sleep late every morning and you are a full-time participant in the nightlife where you work. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed. You can be the drawing card that keeps patrons coming back. You listen to their stories, laugh at their jokes, and occasionally call a cab to take a patron home. Bartending school is brief – you learn to set up a bar, mix drinks and maintain a smooth operation. Cheers.


If you have an aptitude for technology, there are many directions you can take depending on your interests. Video game design and testing is big business and gives you the opportunity to play games for a living while stretching your imagination as far as you choose to take it. Web design is a burgeoning career field that provides both creativity and flexibility. Unless you choose to work in an office, you can work remotely – and that means anywhere you wish that has Internet connectivity. IT support is another direction to consider. As an independent contractor, you can set your terms and pay and work from home if you wish.


Working freelance means flexibility and opportunity. Whether your skill is writing, art or business entrepreneurship, the evolving workplace has expanded opportunities to work independently. Affiliate marketing and Internet sales offer potential. If you choose to work with people, you can become a tutor in whatever your area of expertise and you get to set your hours and rates. Tutors help everyone from elementary-school children to adults. If you like teaching, consider becoming a substitute teacher; you do the fun part and do not have to grade papers.