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The Disadvantages of Interior Designing

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Becoming an iInterior designer gives you a level of freedom of creativity while also contributing fresh looks to buildings, houses and specific rooms of all sorts. Working as an interior designer means satisfying your clients to expand your portfolio. While some projects may give you complete design freedom, there are some disadvantages to being an interior designer in some instances.


Interior designing for a client other than yourself can leave you with specific deadlines and timelines to accommodate, depending on your client's schedule and preferred project competition date. Working around your client's schedule may mean putting your own schedule on hold, shuffling your own tasks to complete the project in a timely manner. Keep track of your time within an organized planner to better track your work and progress.

Budget Restrictions

Working for a client will also mean sticking with her own personal project budget. You will be given an amount of money to work with at the beginning of each of your projects assigned to build your designing and decorating plan around. Planning what to purchase and the supplies you will need before heading out to shop will save you time and money in the long run, and possibly inspire you with more design ideas for your client on her budget.

Tough Clients

Working as an interior designer means you may encounter clients from all lifestyles with a variety of personalities and senses of style. Some clients may be easy-going, allowing you freedom and complete project control. A disadvantage to being an interior designer includes tough clients to work with when it comes to the overall design process and budget use (interrupting, interfering with or changing your design plans). Working with tough clients may be a challenge, but it will also help ease working with hard-to-please clients in the future, while also building your own design portfolio.

Limited Materials

Depending on your project's location and your client's budget, you might find yourself limited by design material, supplies and even furniture. Using all possible resources and stores around the area of your project can also help save money by presenting alternative choices when you are limited with furniture and supplies. Improvising and getting creative by visiting a craft store to create your own furniture or decorations can also solve a problem of shortage of furniture or material.


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