Jobs to Do at Home on a Computer

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

If you are thinking about working from home, you may wonder what your job options are. If you have a computer and a reliable Internet connection, your choices are many and limited only by your own experience and abilities.


Transcription, medical billing, data entry, bookkeeping, graphic design and, of course, writing articles are all good work-at-home choices for a person armed with a home computer and Internet access.


Working on a computer requires a certain amount of concentration, so parents of small children may find performing such tasks at home difficult.


Working from home saves you money, time, transportation costs, vehicle wear and tear, clothing and dry cleaning costs, the cost of lunches out and the aggravation of rush-hour traffic. You can make doctor’s appointments any time you desire, and if you work better at midnight than at 8 a.m., you can work when you are at your best.


It is very easy to find companies on the Internet that promise a wide variety of jobs to choose from if you first pay anywhere from $30 to $75. However, you should never pay for the opportunity to work.


As the Internet continues to expand, the opportunities for working from your home computer will continue to grow.