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Jobs for Senior Citizens Who Don't Have a College Degree

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The age at which people are officially declared senior citizens is not set in stone. One commonly accepted age of when you are considered a senior is 65 years old, because this is when Medicare is first offered to this age group. Even though you're considered a senior citizen, that doesn't mean your work life is over. Many job opportunities are available for senior citizens, even if you don't have a college degree. Age is just a number, so as long as you're able and want to work, find a job that appeals to you.

Retail Associate

Retail jobs are readily available for senior citizens. The greeter position is a common retail career for an older person -- such as California's 99-year-old Ted DiNunzio, who is Nordstrom's only hired greeter, according to the Pasadena Star-News. However, many other options are available in retail, aside from saying hello at the front door. Depending on your taste, you can arrange flowers at a florist's shop or sell hunting equipment for an outdoor sporting goods store. The choices are endless and only limited by your interest and ability to stand on your feet for a extended amount of time in certain circumstances.

Tour Guide

A stint as a tour guide is an excellent job for senior citizens without college degrees. By the time you reach the status of senior citizen, you have a lot of history you can share with others, and what better than to educate through giving tours. Look for positions in places such as museums, national parks or on travel tours. AARP reports that Bruce and Sara Schundler are a retired couple who found seasonal work as guides at a national park in North Carolina so they can share their experience and expertise. Also, if you love the city you live in, ask about tour guide jobs within your local city tourism offices or through the chamber of commerce.


Every company needs a friendly face at their front door, so if a job where you're sitting a lot appeals to you, consider a receptionist or front-desk position. Many types of businesses hire receptionists from doctors offices to hair salons. These kinds of jobs usually don't require a college degree. If you enjoy interacting with people of all walks of life, this is a good job choice. Telephone and computer skills are handy in these positions, as well as a pleasant demeanor.


Courier jobs are a great choice for senior citizens looking for independence and autonomy at their job. If you're an older person but have maintained your driving skills, a job spent in your car may be ideal. Medical testing companies commonly hire couriers, as well as independent companies who contract for large chain stores. Delivery driver positions are a similar way to have this same autonomy and don't require a college degree. According to the Daily Herald, Provo, Utah, resident, Charles Middleton, 89, works as an occasional delivery driver for Meals on Wheels. He was also recently named Caregiver of the Year for how well he takes care of his wife, Mary, who has Alzheimer's disease.


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