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How to Become a Life-Enrichment Consultant for Senior Citizens

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Senior citizens often face drastic changes in their lives as they age, and many are no longer able to do the activities that once filled their days. As a life-enrichment consultant, you can provide a service for senior citizens that will help them find their way in the later stages of life. By helping to fill the voids left by deaths, distant families and physical changes that limit mobility, you can assist clients in leading fulfilling, satisfying lives.

Take classes or certification courses in becoming a life coach. Even courses with a general focus will help you provide effective services. Although life-enrichment consultants do not need to be certified, education can give you credibility. Look to the International Coach Federation to find classes and seminars.

Draw from past experience working with senior citizens, either in a professional, personal or volunteer capacity. Use the experience to create a life-enrichment business concept that you can tackle with enthusiasm and passion. If you witnessed a grandparent who was unable to participate in his favorite activities after losing some mobility, for example, focus your life-enrichment business on helping senior citizens find new alternatives that do not present physical danger. Other possibilities include relocation services, finding companionship, personal shopping and setting up computer systems.

Gain an understanding of the problems that senior citizens typically face in your target location. Interview senior citizens, choosing questions that will help you figure out their most pressing needs Talk to people in businesses that work with seniors: nursing homes, home health care, insurance agents or social workers, for example. Identify the common issues and make adjustments to your initial business idea.

Choose a target demographic for your potential clients based on your business focus and the results of your research. Define the target group using gauges like income, living situation, mobility, family size and location. Select a target customer who has need of your life-enrichment services and who can afford the rates you will charge; consider factors like long-distance family members who will be willing to pay the fee to ensure their elderly relative has a happy, fulfilling life.

Create marketing materials for your business. At a minimum, you should have a website, business cards and a brochure. On the website and brochure, include a list of services you plan to provide; list items that fulfill the major needs of your target base. Tailor the design to be readable for people who have limited vision to make your materials more accessible to senior citizens.


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