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Career Objectives for a Social Worker

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Social workers' day-to-day career goals are to help people improve the quality of their lives. They help patients overcome addictions, handle abusive situations, adapt to living with disabilities, or provide support for inter-family or social problems.

Maximize Personal Abilities

Social workers provide emotional support and encouragement to help people reach their potential and maximize their strengths.

Problem-solving Goals

Social workers help clients resolve their problems by being good listeners and helping clients make changes that resolve conflicts in their lives.

Research Objectives

Social workers perform research to find resources that will help make their clients' lives easier. Resources may include tutors, mentors, childcare assistance and other help that the client is unable to locate independently.

Improved Life for Targeted Clients

Some social workers' goals are to help a particular group of people struggling with specific problems, such as helping abused children, assisting people trying to overcome addictions, and helping those who suffer from mental illnesses.


The goal of social workers is to make transitions and communication smooth between medical staff, families, and patients.

Social Workers' Long-term Goals

Long-term goals of social workers vary depending on individual goals and interests. Some social workers want to work in a school, go into private practice, head their departments in hospitals or medical facilities, write books and articles, or become known for a specialty.

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