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How to Quit a Retail Job

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Many people believe that all they have to do is stop showing up for their retail job to properly quit. This is not the case; there is a proper way to quit a retail job. Follow these steps, and you will easily be able to quit your retail job.

Type a letter of resignation for your retail job. This may seem like something that should be done with a much-higher-paying position than a retail job, but it is not. It will show your employer that you respect them enough to quit the right way.

Write in your letter to quit your retail job the last day that you will be working there. This will leave no questions as to when your employer will need to stop scheduling you. This date should be at least 2 weeks from the day you address your desire to quit your retail job with your supervisor.

Set up a time to sit down and talk with your retail job supervisor alone and off the sales floor. Privacy is very important when you want to address your desire to quit.

Thank your retail job supervisor for the opportunity to work with the company, but tell her that it is time for you to move on. Give your retail job supervisor your letter outlining your desire to quit. At this time, state when your last day will be at the job.

Work the 2 weeks notice like you did every day up until you quit. This shows respect to your employer.


Show respect and be honest when you quit your retail job, and give enough notice to your employer so they can cover your position on the schedule.


Leaving a retail job without any notice will make getting your next job that much harder. Your former employer may not be able to give a bad reference, but they will certainly not have anything good to say, and any disrespect you show can get back to a potential new employer.