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Jobs for People With Mental Health Problems

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It's sometimes challenging to find a good job fit for mental health issues. The variety of mental health challenges is broad and determined by the set of symptoms a person experiences. Some coping with schizophrenia may thrive in a creative environment, while those with anxiety may need a low-key position. Others find moderate success at their jobs to then still be fired due to the perception of being lazy or incompetent during periods of stress. In general, people with mental health issues just need accommodations like in any other challenge, and, when these are met, those facing these dilemmas can thrive.


People with mental health challenges can excel in the writing field. Having mental challenges does not directly mean that intelligence is compromised, so writing is a solid career option. It is also a good outlet for the feelings that come from mental health struggles. Writing careers include other jobs that work for this population, including copy editing and proofreading.


Photography is another creative outlet for those with mental health problems. Working as a photographer allows for autonomy that benefits those with mental health differences. If someone is seen as eccentric or different because of these differences, it doesn’t have much of an effect on fields like photography, and might even be an advantage. At times, those dealing with challenges like schizophrenia and personality disorders are very creative and need an outlet for their ideas, so it could be advantageous to turn it into a career.


Depending on the type of issue, a career as a librarian is a good choice for someone with mental health challenges. Some conditions like anxiety are served by a more low-key environment. In addition, challenging conditions like Asperger’s syndrome can thrive in environments that encourage knowing multiple details and facts. When coping with mental health problems, self-esteem is at times affected, and it helps to work in a field that focuses on your strengths.


If it becomes difficult to hold a job due to mental health problems, various forms of self-employment are options. Multiple work-at-home positions that serve this population exist because of modern technology. When choosing a direction, just focus on your strengths. If you have a love for books, online book selling can be a lucrative career. If you are strong in math, tutoring in the subject or becoming an online test scorer for the subject is also an option.



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