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Best Jobs for Creative Introverts

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The right job and work environment can vary by personality type. Working in a manner well-suited to you can make the difference between career happiness and misery. Introverts are quiet people who generally prefer to work alone, with limited social interactions. People with creative traits may not be comfortable in rigid corporate environments. Creative introverts can succeed and thrive in careers and environments that capitalize on their strengths.


Copywriting may be a good career option for creative introverts, according to College Career Life. Copywriting can be performed in solitary environments at home on a freelance basis or in an office. Although introverted freelance writers may enjoy the opportunity to work alone, this option also requires a significant amount of self-discipline.

Web Design

The field of web design may work for creative introverts. Web design allows creativity in creating page layouts. This work can be done at home or in an office. According to Encarta, web design can be a good option for introverts because they rarely have to interact with co-workers.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers use computers to design logos, fonts, corporate communications and other commercial types of art. According to College Career Life, graphic design is a good career choice for creative introverts. Graphic designers work independently and the work requires great creativity.


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