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Good Careers for Idealist Temperaments & Personalities

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Idealists follow life's paths based on strongly held values and a belief that doing the right thing is simply the right thing to do. While the world is not always kind to idealists, it does offer several career paths for those who want to increase the greater good. According to, idealists are naturally drawn to jobs that involve working with people, such as education, counseling, personnel work and journalism.

Traits of Idealists

The Myers-Briggs personality profile identifies idealist temperaments by the letters INFP -- introversion, intuition, feeling, perception. INFPs tend to be sensitive, creative, loyal, warm and comfortable in their own company. They also tend to be honest and want others to value them for who they are, rather than court favor through false means. Idealists usually are drawn to careers that allow for a grander vision rather than one that involves details.

Creative Careers

Idealists are often drawn to artistic fields, where they can tap into their creativity and intuition. Careers in the arts include writing and journalism, photography and filmmaking, design, jewelry and fashion, music, acting and performing arts, history, architecture, art and sculpture, printmaking and advertising. Though idealists are often introverted, many are drawn to friendly cooperation and interpersonal harmony, allowing them to work well in collaborative fields such as theater and film.

Health and Healing Careers

Because idealists believe in helping others, many are drawn to fields such as psychology and mental health therapy, counseling, social work and human resources. Idealists also are well-suited to careers in alternative healing, such as yoga, reflexology, and integrative healing. Integrative healing combines traditional naturopathic practices such as acupuncture or chiropractic with modern Western medicine to foster preventative care and all-around wellness.

Teaching and Ministry

Idealists believe in possibilities and in valuing things for their inherent worth. Because of this, education and training are good careers for idealists. These careers might involve traditional jobs such as teaching at the primary, secondary and postsecondary levels. They might also involve teaching English abroad, tutoring individual students or training workers. Idealists also are drawn to jobs that involve religion or spirituality, whether as members of the clergy or as spiritual guides.

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