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The Best Jobs For Intuitive Feelers

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The Intuitive Feeler personality is one of the designations used to describe a personality type in terms of responses to the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator test. Intuitive Feelers are enthusiastic about personal growth and development. They naturally want to help others in their journeys toward self-knowledge as well. There are four different types within the Intuitive Feeler category: the Teacher, the Protector, the Dreamer and the Inspirer. Each of these types is uniquely gifted for specific jobs.

Best Jobs for the Teacher (ENFJ)

Of all the Intuitive Feeler types, the Teachers are the type most attracted to leadership positions. They excel at building relationships with others. If you have this type of personality, you may want to consider not only teaching, but also a career in the arts, perhaps as a composer, editor or set designer. Health and wellness also suit the Teacher well; consider becoming a nutritionist, optometrist or a public health educator. In business, the Teacher excels in such positions as trainer, recruiter and sales manager.

Best Jobs for the Protector (INFJ)

The Protectors intuitively understand people and situations. Sensitivity and compassion are common traits of this personality. This makes them perfect for jobs in the social service sector, which includes positions such as social scientist, social worker and mediator. Medicine is also a good fit for Protectors, who will do well a psychologists, doctors or chiropractors. If you are artistically inclined and have a Protector personality, you may want to consider pursuing a career as a photographer or a musician.

Best Jobs for the Dreamer (INFP)

The Dreamers are loyal and strongly devoted to people and causes. A career involving religion or spirituality would suit Dreamers well, where they would excel as a member of the clergy or other religious position. If you are interested in the arts and have this type of personality, you may want to consider a career in music or dance. Dreamers also make wonderful writers.

Best Jobs for the Inspirer (ENFP)

The Inspirers are the most outgoing of the Intuitive Feelers, so any job that involves reaching out to others is perfect for this personality type. Because people naturally confide in Inspirers, they are great counselors, mediators and reporters. They also tend to be skilled politicians and diplomats. If you have this personality type and are interested in technology, you may want to consider a career in computer programming or systems analysis.


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