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There's nothing worse than being stuck in a job you hate, or finding out that the career you thought was right for you is actually a really poor fit. Career compatibility tests help you analyze your personality traits and figure out which vocational area is the best fit for you. The tests can also help prepare you for job interviews since some companies administer compatibility tests as part of the interview process.

General Types

Job candidates can take career compatibility tests at home in order to help them figure out what career field is the best match for their personality type. Compatibility exams take on many different forms. Some exams are cognitive ability assessments that test the applicant's adaptability and ability to solve problems. Tests that focus solely on personality types will look at how well the candidate fits with the job and the likelihood of job satisfaction. Behavioral tests try to assess the likelihood that a job candidate will engage in counterproductive actions.


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a personality assessment that assigns a personality type to the test-taker and helps analyze which jobs that personality type enjoys the most. This questionnaire looks at the person's interests and preferences, assigning them points on four scales: introversion/extroversion, sensitive/intuitive, judging/perceiving and thinking/feeling. After taking the test, you will be assigned one of 16 personality types. Each personality type has specific talents and areas where it excels. You can visit a number of websites to find which type of careers are the best match for your personality type.

Strong Interest

A Strong Interest Inventory examines the test taker's interests in recreational activities, work, and education. The test will recommend jobs where other employees have similar interests and where the tasks align with the test taker's choices. The idea is that you'll have greater satisfaction if you work in a job with similar-minded people. This test can be taken when starting a career or even when considering changing to a new career path altogether.


FOCUS is an online career tool that provides multiple levels of compatibility assessment tests along with career-planning guidelines. This tool can be used both by college students and by professionals outside of college to find jobs where they'll experience greater enjoyment and satisfaction. FOCUS will point you in the direction of job choices that match your interests and your personality type. Many colleges offer free accounts on FOCUS for both current students and alumni.

Value Inventory

Value inventory tests help you better understand what values are most important to you in a work environment. The results of these tests aren't set in stone. How you rank on a values inventory test now might be very different from how you rank a decade from now. Some websites offer free value inventory screening, such as the InSight test. This test can help you understand not only what type of company is best for you, but what type of position also.


Employers may screen candidates with career compatibility tests as a beginning part of the interview process. When doing so, the tests must pass several legal thresholds. The test must be valid, meaning the employer should be able to prove that the test predicts who will do well in the job. A test should also be reliable, in that it consistently measures a person the same even when taken multiple times. A good compatibility test must also not violate any employment laws, such as discrimination based on race or gender.


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