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Career Occupational Testing

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Career occupational testing is a standardized procedure used to assess an individual's strengths, weaknesses, values and personality traits for different professions. In addition to helping test takers explore career options, occupational testing is used by HR departments to select the best candidates for job openings.


By using tools such as personality questionnaires and cognitive ability tests, career occupational exams help counselors and employers determine an employee's eligibility for promotion and predict training needs. The tests also help test takers identify their leadership style, work-setting preferences and internal and external motivators.


While career occupational testing examines professionals' overall intelligence, some tests focus on typing ability, spelling and grammar, behavioral responses to specific situations and computer skills. Other occupational tests identify personality types and personal values.


Career counselors and employers must consider whether occupational testing is cost-effective and appropriate for job placement. Test takers must evaluate how to integrate occupational test results into their job search, while employers must determine the best way to incorporate the results into their selection process for qualified candidates.