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Career Ideas in Architecture for Teens

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Architecture is one of the largest industries in the world. Quite simply, its a blend between art, science and math to design an environment for people or animals. Every building, park or transportation model you use is the byproduct of an architect. For teens who have math, art or hands-on type of personalities, a career in architecture is right up their alley. The following will outline some career ideas based on subject interest areas for you to consider.


You may have a strong interest and show promise in mathematics so careers such as an estimator, engineer (physical, nuclear, civil), building planner, banker, drafts person or urban developer may be a great choice. Involving estimates and hard number crunching to get the measurements or budget correct, these careers need someone who can take complex scenarios and solve them with relative ease.

Art and Design

Many teens find exciting opportunities in careers such as architectural drafting, urban design, landscape artists, cartographers, interior design, art directors, fashion design, theater set designers, furniture design or graphic illustration to name just a few. These career choices require critical thinking and creative outlets for students who excel in these areas to shine.

Construction and Hands-on

Teens who want to get out of the house or office when they are working and want to get their hands dirty will gravitate towards careers such as surveyors, landscape architects, building inspectors, construction managers, carpenters, city managers or engineering. Putting the plan into action is for some teens, so an education in architecture will build a strong foundation for them to succeed in their career.

Schooling and Employment Outlook

There is good news for students who decide to pursue a job in the varied architectural field. The United States Department of Labor expects the employment rate for this field to grow by 18 percent between 2006 and 2016, which is faster than the average for all occupations. If you are interested in architecture or the careers above, it will benefit you greatly in high school to participate in a strong college preparatory program strong in English, history, mathematics, business and computer science. Computer literacy is essential and if you are always doodling, this is a great way to nurture that skill as it will prove to be useful in college. You can get a Bachelor's or a Master's degree in architecture from over 100 U.S. colleges.


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