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The Best Jobs for an INFJ

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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or MBTI, identifies 16 personality types and is based on the theories developed by psychologist Carl Jung in the 1920s. According to the MBTI, people approach relationships and work based on their preferences in four categories: the world, information, decisions and structure. The type known as INFJ is so named because people with this type are introverted and intuitive; they are guided by feelings and would rather make a decision than keep their options open-ended.


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The BLS notes that teachers must be able to inspire trust and confidence and motivate students. The ability to inspire others is a hallmark of the INFJ personality style, according to the Murray State University website. As teachers, INFJs take pride in the achievements of their students, and their caring, intuitive natures help them to nurturing willing minds. The creativity required of teachers is a trait that comes naturally to INFJs.


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A career as a writer may appeal to an INFJ as the job allows them to utilize their innate creativity. Writers produce original material for books, newspapers, magazines and online publications. Written work can fall into the categories of fiction or nonfiction, and the BLS notes that writers are identified by the kind of work they do: playwright, novelist, newspaper reporter. Writers may conduct research and interview subjects as part of their work. Bachelor's degrees in fields such as English or communications are preferred by many employers in the industry.

Social Worker

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The gentle and compassionate nature of an INFJ lends to a career such as social work. Social workers help people with personal and family problems. Some social workers focus on children and families; others work with the elderly or people with substance-abuse problems. Entry-level jobs require a bachelor's in social work; a master's in social work is needed for clinical work or employment in a school setting. The BLS notes that prospective social workers should be sensitive, mature and objective.

Human Resources Specialist

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Although introverted, INFJs have a knack for group dynamics, notes Murray State University on its website. This awareness of interaction between others can lend itself to a career in human resources. Human resources specialists recruit employees and often play a role in shaping corporate policy, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. HR specialists may also work in dispute resolution or train employees. HR specialists need a minimum of a bachelor's degree; managerial positions may require a graduate degree. HR specialists must be effective speakers and writers, and possess strong interpersonal skills.