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How to Find a Job Today & Start Tomorrow

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When money's tight and you're desperate for work, you may be looking to find a job today so you can start tomorrow. If you're open to the type of work you do, then you may be able to secure employment quickly. Jobs with an immediate start are typically temporary jobs or those in retail and service industries. How well you prepare for the steps in any job search will determine how quickly you find employment, according to Forbes.

Prepare Yourself

Read over your resume and update it with any new skills you've learned. Your skills should match the jobs you're applying for. Note any past customer service positions you've held if you're applying for a retail job or list any fast food experience if you'll be applying to a restaurant. Ask any past managers whom you had a close working relationship with if they can write you a letter of recommendation. Very few part-time or temporary jobs will call your references, so offer the information up front if possible.


Ask friends and family if they know of anyone hiring and find out if the company they work for needs immediate help. Networking can play an important role in your job search, because someone you know can help get your foot in the door. If friends or family have a good relationship with the company, they may be able to pull some strings and get you working immediately.

Temporary Agencies

Search online for local temporary agencies and put in applications with as many as possible. Many agencies can offer employment the same day. You'll probably have to interview with the employment agency or the potential employer before you begin work, and the agency may ask you to undergo testing. Search online job boards such as Simply Hired and Monster. In the search, specify you're looking for jobs where you apply today and start tomorrow.

Be Aggressive

Tell the people you speak to you need to start as soon as possible. Be honest and upfront in your job search. Don't beat around the bush, especially if others are competing with you. Explain you're looking aggressively for a job and need to know as soon as possible. If the company's interested, it may offer you a job out of fear of letting someone else hire you, so don't be afraid to be honest about your urgent need for quick employment.

Social Media

Use social media as a tool for locating a job. Post on all your networking sites that you're looking for work that will start immediately. Many times, friends and family can point you in the right direction if they know you're looking. Don't use social media if you already have a job but are looking for another one. If your current boss finds out you're looking to leave immediately, you may be left without any type of employment.