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Job Duties of an Outreach Coordinator

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An outreach coordinator usually works for a nonprofit, medical, or educational establishment, often involved in public relations or fundraising work. They respond to managers and are responsible for tasks as varied as ranging data collection and analysis and representing their organizations at trade fairs. A bachelor's degree in marketing, journalism, public relations, business, or in the industry specific to the job is required, and two to three years' experience in that field are often prerequisites.

Public Relations

In a nonprofit organization, the coordinator may be charged with activities involving fundraising and developing strategic relationships. Public relations represent a significant portion of outreach activity and the coordinator might develop press releases, brochures and other marketing materials. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are called upon to build and maintain good relations with partners and stakeholders. A coordinator role may also include attending trade shows and other venues such as universities, clubs, and civic groups, conducting informational presentations on behalf of the organization.


The outreach coordinator might collect data and information for strategic use. Working for the outreach department of an educational establishment, for example, may require collecting and analyzing data on local demographics, to decide which courses to offer, and whether they should be offered as e-learning or conventional classes. Experience in the use of institutional databases, public access sites, and primary research such as market research questionnaires would be an advantage. The coordinator is expected to analyze data and develop results and conclusions. Industry knowledge, statistical and technological skills, and the ability to communicate results clearly and efficiently to a varied audience are required.

Administrative Duties

In addition to project management and event coordination, coordinator duties may include developing and maintaining a website, overseeing mass mailings, supervising other staff members, organizing travel, and possibly managing physical aspects of the work environment. He may also be responsible for monitoring budget information and reporting on financial issues.


Travel is often required, and for the coordinator working in a global organization, this may offer opportunities to visit developing countries. If you are devoted to the work of the organization, are outgoing with the communication skills required for a media role, the job of an outreach coordinator may provide emotional rewards in addition to career growth.


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