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How to Find the Job for You Based on Your Personality

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If you’re searching for a new job or want to make a career change, you can take some of guesswork out of the process by choosing a profession held by people with personalities similar to yours. To find a job based on your personal preferences, start with self-awareness gained by taking an assessment test. According to psychologist John Holland, professor of sociology at Johns Hopkins University, these tests show that certain personalities flourish in certain careers.

Professor Holland identified six personality types: realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising and conventional. He believes that people of the same personality who work together form a more productive work environment than those who work at jobs that don't fit their style. Finding an appropriate work environment enables you to succeed and achieve job satisfaction. Other personality tests help your natural inclinations, information processing preferences, decision-making strategies and environmental preferences, To identify possible occupations, download a free, self-scoring form. To be most effective, you need to answer honestly. Then, you can determine which occupations most suit you. The most reliable online tests come from educational institutions and government agencies.

If You're Realistic

If you have mechanical or athletic ability and prefer to work with machines, tools or animals, you may succeed in jobs including chef, carpenter, plumber or veterinary tech. You may lack interpersonal skills, so a career in customer service might not be the best for you.

If You're Investigative

If you enjoy observing, analyzing and evaluating, you may prefer to a role as chemist, pharmacist, cartographer, surgeon or computer programmer. You enjoying developing or acquiring knowledge. This means people view you as an intellectual.

If You're Artistic

If you like to work in an unstructured environment and use your imagination and creativity, jobs in acting, teaching, photography and writing may suit you best. You won’t enjoy jobs that have a lot of routines and rules because you prefer creative expression of ideas and concepts.

If You're Social

Social people prefer to work with others. If you enjoy informing, training and treating people, you may enjoy a career as a teacher, nurse or clergyperson. Others probably describe you as patient and empathic. Jobs requiring mechanical skills won’t suit you.

If You're Enterprising

If you like to influence, persuade or lead others in entrepreneurial activities, you’ll enjoy jobs in real estate, financial planning or public relations. If you value material accomplishment and social status, you’ll succeed in these areas. Jobs that focus on scientific, intellectual or abstract concepts won’t appeal to you.

If You're Conventional

Conventional workers like to maintain an orderly routine. Jobs working with data, numbers and details appeal to you if you fit into this category. You probably dislike ambiguous or unstructured tasks and lack artistic competencies.