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Definition & Duties of a Marketing Liaison

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No company or business can last long without paying customers, and firms cannot expect to attract new customers if no one knows about them. Because of this, companies conduct marketing campaigns. Doing so can necessitate a marketing liaison, whose responsibility is to facilitate communication between a company and the team responsible for designing a marketing campaign.

Marketing Firms

Not all companies handle their own marketing. Firms that either do not have the resources to run their own marketing department, or that want to use a service that specializes in this particular service, can employ companies that design and execute marketing campaigns for their clients. Such marketing firms will have an individual who acts as a marketing liaison between the firm and the client to help direct the development of the campaign and keep the customer satisfied with the firm's services.

Communicate Customer Needs

The marketing liaison will act as the point person for communicating with the marketing firm's client about what exactly the client's needs are for the marketing campaign. The marketing liaison will determine the initial ideas the client wants incorporated into the campaign, as well as details related specifically to the business between the marketing firm and the client. Details can include what the client is willing to pay and what kinds of services the marketing firm can supply for the fee the client is willing to pay.


As a marketing firm's creative development team works on the campaign for the client, the marketing liaison will keep the client apprised about the progress of the marketing project's development. This communication can keep a customer satisfied that the project is moving along well and ensure that the ideas the marketing firm's creative team are developing coincide with what the client wants in the final marketing campaign. This can work to ensure customer satisfaction with the final product and prevent the marketing firm itself from wasting time developing products the client will not ultimately accept.

Customer Service

Just as businesses want to keep customers satisfied to encourage repeat business, marketing firms want to keep their existing clients. Marketing firms have to exert a great deal of effort in attracting new clients, so it is easier for them to hold on to clients they already have. Consequently, marketing liaisons are also charged with keeping the customers happy with the service they are receiving from the marketing firm. This can involve quickly and amicably resolving any billing disputes and providing the attention throughout the entire development process to make customers feel they are appreciated by the marketing firm they are employing.


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