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Starting a Business Development Company

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A business development company or business consultant helps a company gain customers and to stop losing them. They may assist in strategic planning by analyzing a firm's sales, financial reports, human resources, operational processes and marketing. An individual with adequate business credentials and entrepreneurial spirit may consider offering business development counsel as a start-up service firm.


Consultants with a business development firm must offer and deliver value to prospective clients. Education, experience and professional credentials will be important. While educational backgrounds is not a determinative factor, an ideal educational background for a business consultants would be a master in business administration or other business or finance-related degrees. The Association of Management Consulting Firms is one of many professional organizations that provides continuing business educational programs for strategy professionals.

Business Planning

Start the business with a written plan. This provides a road-map that states the business goal and identifies the target market of the service firm. It also addresses the human and financial capital requirements for starting operations. Identify essential start-up equipment, supplies and resources needed. The U.S. Small Business Administration is a major resource for developing a business plan and researching small business loan options.


Salaries for business consultants can range from $55,000 for first year business analyst to more than $600,000 for senior partners in a business development firm, according to Careers-in-Business. The business consultant's reputation and the economic dynamics of the local market will determine how much a firm can reasonable charge for fees at the start-up. Fees should be calculated to ensure coverage of salaries and other operational expenses. If starting a small firm with limited administrative staff, remember that a business consultant's time will also be spent on non-billable hours.


This service business can be home-based. This will reduce operational costs associated with commercial lease obligations. There are a number of commercial leasing options, all of which will be impacted by the new firm's financial resources. For instance, in lieu of long-term leasing a start-up firm may begin operations using an executive suite or shared office space with a business with shared synergies.

Decor for a business consulting firm is generally conservative. In addition to private offices for business consultants, a conference room will also be an important office space for this type of firm. The later can also double as a business library research room with resources such as business consulting books, professional journals and federal and state regulatory references.


The basic marketing goal for a service business start-up is to develop new clients. Generally, consultants with a business development firm will gain exposure from speaking at professional organizations, writing articles in business journals and newsletters and tapping into their professional networks. Hire a professional graphic designer to design core marketing material such as a business logo, stationary, business cards and brochures. Develop a professional website and use social media tools within a business context. Consider advertising in business publications read by your target market.


Vanessa Cross has practiced law in Tennessee and lectured as an adjunct professor on law and business topics. She has also contributed as a business writer to news publications, including the "Chicago Tribune," and published in peer-reviewed academic journals. Cross holds a B.A. in journalism, a Juris Doctor and an LL.M. in international business law.