Resume Tips for Google Quality Raters

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Everyone has seen the ubiquitous ads along the side of a Google search page, or embedded in a blog, online magazine or newspaper. These ads are a large source of revenue for both Google and the third parties who allow these ads on their sites. In order for all involved to profit from this advertising system the ads need to be rated for quality. The job of a Google Quality Rater is a part-time, work-from-home position. The job requires you to work 10 to 20 hours per week on a self-directed schedule. To apply, you’ll need a resume with certain skills and experience highlighted.

Items to List in Your Profile

A resume profile includes highlights of your skills and experiences. This is a good place to insert keywords, as many companies use auto-screeners to look for these key terms. List any knowledge you have in the area of Web development or Web writing. Use phrases such as "analyzing text," "Web pages," "images," "English Web culture" and "media." You will also need excellent written communication skills to be a quality rater, so be sure to include related information here.

Work Experience

List your jobs in descending chronological order, starting with your most recent position. While you do not necessarily need experience in advertising or Web development, any experience that tilts in that direction should be highlighted. List any professional writing or editing you have done. Again, Google is most interested in people who are Web-culture savvy, so if you have done any Web-related work at all, be sure to lead with this in the job description.


Google requires a BA/BS degree or equivalent experience and fluency in English. The degree does not need to be in Web technology or a writing-related field. Google is most interested in people who are intelligent and reliable. List your degree and your GPA, if it is higher than a 3.0. If you took any courses that directly relate to this kind of work, list them as bullet points under the degree name.

Presentation Tips

Keep the resume simple and to the point. Google uses third-party temp agencies such as WorkforceLogic for hiring purposes. As these companies will be hiring for a variety of positions, be sure that your resume is clear, free from fancy formatting, and includes as many of the keywords listed above as possible.