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Other Jobs for Certified Teachers

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

A job as a teacher can be a very rewarding experience for some individuals, and can be a major source of career burnout for others. A lot of factors can influence the attitude an individual has about the teaching profession, including the grade being taught, the school district, salary received and the amount of support given by parents and staff. Some teachers find out after becoming a certified teacher that it is not the right job for them. Other people enjoy teaching, but are forced to seek additional jobs because of the low pay teachers receive in some parts of the country. For either supplemental income or as a career change, individuals with a teaching degree can put their training to use in other career sectors.


When it comes to tutoring, not only are teachers qualified, but they are the preferred candidate for many parents. A certified teacher will understand not only the subject matter being taught, but the proper way in which to teach the subject matter. While an elementary school teacher may not understand every aspect of 11th grade Language Arts, her experience as a teacher and her training in education will generally make her more qualified for the job than a candidate without formal education training.

Training and Development

Teachers are good candidates for Training and Development Specialists. Because a large part of a teacher's schooling is dedicated to learning how to teach and interact with students, teachers acquire critical communication and presentation skills. Those communication skills are a key factor that employers look for when hiring Training and Development Specialists. Examples of job responsibilities may include the development of an employee training program, orientation or a safety and awareness program.

Child Care Administration

Although teachers are qualified to work with small children in a day care setting, some may find that this job does not provide enough mental challenges or stimulation because of the age of the children. If you enjoy the structured day care environment and preschool learning set, but changing diapers is not for you, consider a position as a Day Care Director or Assistant Director. Directors are responsible for developing a safe, nurturing environment that contains developmentally appropriate toys, games and learning centers. They are responsible for hiring day care staff, conducting training and background checks and ensuring all state and guidelines are met.

Higher Education

Many teachers often go on to become college professors and vocational teachers in post secondary institutions. Becoming a professor is a career move that many teachers make for a variety of reasons, including higher pay, flexibility (night and/or weekend hours) and the desire to work with older students. Other teachers supplement their income by teaching a night or weekend class in a trade or vocational school. Certified teachers with classroom experience are prime candidates for these positions, because of their schooling, training and life experience.