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List of Jobs for 50-Year-Olds

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Job seekers who are 50 and older can find plenty of help, tools and resources for finding work and for retooling their resumes to fit a job description. These workers are likely to have many skills and assets from other jobs and careers, whether they are looking for full-time, part-time, seasonal or temporary work.

Insurance Agent

An older worker with experience and/or a bachelor's degree in accounting, finance, sales or business administration can find work as an insurance agent. Insurance consultants make upwards of $200 per hour, more or less. Candidates for work as an insurance agent need good communication and negotiation skills and often work on commission. Various types of insurance business lines include life, property, casualty, health and automobile.

Senior Manager

Mature workers often have skills that translate very well into senior management positions in just about any industry. They can help employers improve business performance and track records, help cut costs and increase worker efficiency, and act in an advisory or consultant capacity to help a company or corporation move toward short- and long-term goals.

Commercial Property Consultant

A property consultant needs to have a high level of real estate background and knowledge. They will help clients find the best commercial property available for their budget and location needs. They also help clients make economically viable choices based on information gathered from comparing properties within their budget range.

Credit Analyst

Credit analysts analyze financial risk and assess whether a person or entity is "credit worthy." This is a way of stating a person or an entity has a history of paying bills on time and has a good debt-to-income ratio. Credit analysts work at banks, title companies, and other companies that offer lines of credit to consumers and businesses.

Car Dealership Sales/Account Executive

Many older workers find sales jobs are more suitable, and allow more freedom and flexibility to accommodate their needs. Working at a car dealership, new, used or both, requires an ability to work with many different kinds of people. It also requires a person who can work odd and long hours, as well as a person skilled in customer service and follow-through. Sales can be made through presentations, telemarketing and one-on-one relationship building.