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Responsibilities of a Parts Runner

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The sale of parts is one of the most important functions of an automotive parts dealer. After an order is placed the parts are set aside either for a customer pickup or set out for delivery. The delivery of parts is time-sensitive and the parts runner is crucial to the operation of the parts department, whether he is picking up parts for shop jobs or delivering parts to customers.

Parts Delivery

The counter man receives an order over the telephone. After the order is pulled the parts runner will load up his vehicle with the pulled parts and leave to deliver them. The parts runner may have several orders to deliver on his route before he returns to the store to pick up more orders. The parts runner is also required to pick up any money owed on cash-on-delivery items.

Parts Pick-Up

Some automotive or truck dealerships also include a repair shop. If a part is needed for the shop that the dealership does not have in stock it is the parts runners responsibility to drive to the store where the part was ordered from to pick up the needed part.

Customer Returns

Sometimes the need arises for a customer to return a part. The function of the parts runner is to pick up the part from the customer and return it to the dealership. The parts runner will need to inspect the part at the time of pick-up to make certain the part matches that which was sold to the customer. The parts runner will also need to issue a receipt to the customer indicating the part was picked up.

Customer Order Pulling

Some dealerships require the parts runners to help the warehouse personnel in pulling customers orders. After the order is pulled the parts are loaded onto the delivery vehicles.

Vehicle Inpection and Housekeeping

A parts runner is responsible for his vehicle. Daily inspections of tires, lights and fluids is required in order for the vehicle to be well maintained. The vehicle will also need to be kept clean including the removal of all trash produced by the parts runner and the clean up of any spilled liquids in the vehicle.

Drivers Log

A parts runner is responsible for keeping a log of all the places he visits. The time and invoice numbers aer required on the log in addition to the dollar amount of the invoice. The logs are turned in at the end of each day to the parts manager.


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