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Responsibility of a Domino's Delivery Driver

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The Domino's Pizza delivery driver does more than deliver pizza to homes or wait for delivery calls. He works in various facets in a Domino's Pizza restaurant from order taker to dough preparer. At Domino's Pizza, the driver is a part of the team and eligible for advancement within the restaurant.

Deliver Pizza

The delivery driver must be efficient and deliver pizza to the customer quickly. The driver may have several pizzas to deliver to an area, so it is important that the pizzas remain hot to avoid complaints from customers. He should be proficient at map reading when delivering to unfamiliar territory. It is also the driver's responsibility to maintain a safe driving vehicle for the job.

Greet Customers

Whether the driver greets customers in the restaurant or in the home, it is important to remain positive and greet the customer with a smile. This may be the only person the customer sees representing the Domino's Pizza brand, so first impressions are important to build a loyal customer base.

Take Orders

The delivery driver is also trained to take pizza orders when not on a delivery. He must accurately take phone, face-to-face and computer orders correctly. For this task, he answers customer questions and asks specific questions about the order like crust type and type of toppings. He also informs the customers of deals and coupons the restaurant features.

Handle Cash

Cash handling is an important aspect of the delivery driver's job. When delivering, he must take the customer's cash and provide correct change without the use of a cash register. He must also account for the tip, if the customer leaves one. If delivering to more than one residence, the driver keeps the cash secure. For credit card orders, the driver gets the customer's signature and gives him a receipt.

Prepare Pizza

The driver has the opportunity to become a certified dough maker with training. While not on a delivery, he prepares toppings, checks inventory and cooks the pizzas. He must correctly read orders to make the pizzas to the customers' specifications.


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