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Job Description for a Bud Driver

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A driver for Budweiser must have a commercial driver's license and, in most states, the driver will need a liquor license to be able to handle beer products while performing his job duties. Anheuser-Busch hires drivers locally and routes are given to each driver to fulfill. Delivering beer to establishments when a person works for Budweiser has more to it than driving a truck.


The job consists of driving a beer truck to establishments that have placed orders for Budweiser beer and the other alcoholic products that Anheuser-Busch distributes. The driver may or may not have a helper, but for most drivers, the physical aspects of the job are included in the delivery.


The driver is given a route to follow. At each location, the driver will stop and read the work order. The driver will unload the cases of beer, half barrels or quarter barrels of beer and move them to the holding cooler for the establishment. In many cases, the cooler is in a basement. The driver uses a dolly to transport the products down the stairs and into the coolers.

Removing Product

Establishments that have empty half barrels or quarter barrels will need the driver to remove the empties and place those on the truck to be taken back to the company warehouse. When placing the new beer in the cooler, the driver must place the older product in front of the newer beer, which means moving the barrels and cases of older beer around the cooler and placing the new product in the back or on the bottom.

Purchasing Order and Payment

The driver will have the purchasing order signed by the person at the establishment checking in the order. If the customer does not have an established account, the driver will be expected to collect payment for the delivery. The driver must subtract the deposit amount for all returned empty barrels from the purchasing order for the total owed from the establishment.

End the Day

The driver will return to the warehouse at the end of the run. The truck cab will be cleaned out and the driver will remove all empty barrels or cases of beer returned by the customers. Note: Some Budweiser warehouses have stockers who will empty the product from the trucks.


A person wanting to become a Budweiser driver must have a clean driving record and a commercial driver's license. A high school diploma or equivalent GED is needed to apply for this position. Drivers must have the physical ability to lift up to 80 pounds and use a dolly up and down stairs while moving half barrels, quarter barrels and cases of beer from the truck to the customer's cooler.


As of 2010, Budweiser drivers can make anywhere from $25,000 to $35,000 a year depending on the amount of time the driver is employed with the company and his work performance.


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