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What Are the Duties of an Overnight Stocker?

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An overnight stocker works in a retail store stocking the shelves with merchandise and keeping the store organized. The stocker is responsible for keeping his area clean and safe; according to OSHA guidelines, one way of doing this is by keeping the aisles unclogged. Hiring stockers to work overnight, while the store is closed or less busy, keeps the shelves full without getting in the way of customers.


An overnight stocker spends much of his shift stocking the shelves. The stocker is responsible for bringing merchandise from the storeroom using a hand truck, forklift, or pallet jack. The stocker puts items in their correct location on the shelves. He compares barcodes to the shelf tag to be certain each item goes in the correct location. Some stores have a policy requiring the stocker to face the merchandise. This means turning items so the labels face the front.


While the stocker fills the shelves, he will find out of place items that he needs to move to the correct location to keep the store neat and organized. He may have to expand sections where the store has additional product, and shrink sections where stock is low. Balancing sections in this way will help the shelves appear full and inviting.


A diligent stocker can help reduce instances of out-of-stock items by noting when items appear to be in short supply or sold out. The stocker may also use a handheld computer to scan items as he stocks them, giving the store a better idea of what is on its shelves.


Overnight stockers may do some light cleaning during their shift. If an item being stocked breaks, he cleans the mess or contacts someone to clean it. The stocker also helps organize and clean the stockroom for the next shift. He may recycle or dispose of boxes and other trash.


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