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Job Description for Grocery Floor Manager Position

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A grocery store floor is a busy place with a lot of details to monitor. A grocery store floor manager is in charge of the area of the store where product is shopped by consumers. Floor managers maintain the stock on the shelves and supervise the people who work in the grocery aisles. They assist in setting up merchandising displays and ensure they are in the right place on the floor plan. They may also help unload trucks to get the stock on the floor, work with vendors and rotate product on shelves. It's usually expected that a floor manager has obtained at least a high school diploma or equivalent, and additional education may be required. Retail experience is also typically preferred.

Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is a high priority for the grocery store floor manager. Without customers, he wouldn't have a job to do. He greets customers in a friendly manner and ensures that other store employees are doing the same. In addition, a floor manager resolves customer complaints and may order special items at a customer's request.

Stock Levels

The grocery store floor manager oversees the operations of the selling floor. One important process she monitors is inventory. Keeping track of what's on the shelves entails watching over the store's computer system and ordering stock when it is low--and making sure that too much of one item is not ordered. While most monitoring of this kind is typically automated, the floor manager still pays attention to whether or not the computer calculations are correct and reviews related reports. In addition, she watches for the loss of items caused by damages in shipping and receiving, and tries to keep it at a minimum.

Manage Employees

The larger the grocery store, the more employees the floor manager supervises. The average grocery store floor has several associates stocking items and helping customers. The floor manager supervises these workers. She also has to figure out last-minute schedule adjustments when employees call in sick. She may be called upon to fill in for management of other departments, such as the front end, and help supervise those employees as well.

Open/Close Store

Floor managers are sometimes expected to help either open or close the store for the day. If the floor manager is the only member of management on duty, he may be required to ensure that the cash registers are properly maintained as well as help replenish the bagging items for the day. If he is in charge of closing, he may monitor balancing the cash registers and wrapping up end-of-day reports. In addition, he will survey the shelves to ensure they are straightened and that items are pulled to the front to look more full.


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