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List of Summer Jobs for 13 & 14 Year Olds

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Thirteen and 14 year olds have a different set of laws to abide by when looking for employment. The minimum age to work in the United States is 14, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Therefore, some jobs may be available to older youth and not to their younger peers. If you are searching for a summer job, you can find a few available to teens in both age categories.

Farm Work

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Teens as young as 13 are permitted by law to work in agriculture setting, as long as the work takes place outside of school hours, according to the Department of Labor. Since teens are working during the summer, this rule would not apply. Written parental consent is required. Workers on farms might grow crops, harvest them, and feed and care for animals. Some states restrict the number of hours teens can work, so check your local laws for specifics.

Pet Sitting

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Families take vacations in the summer, and oftentimes they need someone to watch their pets or farm animals. Teens can earn cash during the summer by caring for these animals. The work is not always as fun as it sounds, but pet lovers may find it enjoyable. Teens will need to give pets fresh food and water, clean any messes they leave behind, play with the pets and perhaps walk them too. Many pets require daily interaction.


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Teens can take over some parenting duties during the summer months and watch children in exchange for cash. Babysitters must monitor the children closely to ensure safety. A babysitting teen might prepare meals for children. Many children are eager to interact with their babysitters, and so babysitters should be friendly and open to elementary level games. The job may be fairly demanding, as children need constant attention. The job is suitable for highly responsible teens.


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Summertime volunteers don't take home cash, but they do take home job experience. Another benefit of volunteering is the happiness that comes from helping people. Teens can select from an exhaustive list of temporary work to blend their interests with positive action. Sociable teens can play games with people in nursing homes or interact with children in camps. Animal-loving youth can feed stray animals in shelters. Visit websites like Hands on Network or Volunteers of America to browse opportunities.