Growth Trends for Related Jobs

What Jobs Can You Get at the Age of 13?

For years, teenagers who were not legally able to work spent their afternoons and summers either mowing lawns or babysitting. Although both jobs are still considered a great way for a child to learn how to make money and have more responsibility, a technologically advanced age has brought a plethora of opportunities to make money without having to resort to watching kids or raking leaves.

Pet Sitting

Babysitting has been replaced by pet sitting. According to the American Pet Products Association, the pet industry has exploded to a 45 billion dollar a year business, and a great fragment of that business is dedicated to grooming, walking and pet sitting. The book "How to Operate a Financially Successful Pet Sitting Business," states that many people are unable to take their pets with them when they travel and would prefer not to drop their pet at some strange location. This gives 13-year-olds the opportunity to make money while enjoying the company of animals.

Web-Based Jobs

An uptick in teenage millionaires shows that web-based marketing, advertising or designing businesses for teens and by teens is possible from the comfort of their home. The Washington Post interviewed a 17-year-old that received $4.1 million in venture capital for creating a website that allowed teens to post pictures and connect with one another. A 12-year-old CEO, Ben Casnocha, was featured in Entrepreneur magazine for his innovation.

Personal Assistant

Becoming a personal assistant is also an option. There is a growing demographic of people working from home and others who are simply overwhelmed with busy schedules. A 13-year-old who works as a personal assistant may have to run errands, perform light cleaning duties, help an individual sort through files and paperwork.


Blogging about life or a particular subject has allowed thousands of individuals to earn a steady income. Teens who have a passion for a subject or a hobby can find platforms where they can build free blogs that allow them to incorporate advertising onto their websites. If the blog is able to attract a large readership, a 13-year-old can create passive income doing something that they love.

Selling in the Marketplace

Two places that allow teenagers to sell their arts, crafts and personal designs, are eBay and Etsy. Creative teens will find buyers in these marketplaces for everything from pencil drawings to hand puppets. Entrepreneur Magazine suggested eBay for teens who want to sell new or used products.


The world of commercialism and capitalism doesn't discriminate based on age, and 13-year-olds have an opportunity to make money as well. Creating a service and building a business requires teens to have creativity and intelligence. A preteen also has a greater chance of success if they cater to their own demographic, because they are more in touch with what their peers want.