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At Home Jobs for Teens

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Having a job as a teen prepares you for the future. With your hectic schedule, a nine-to-five job may not be convenient. While the pay is not high, the opportunities for work at home are endless, particularly since teens have grown up with technology and many opportunities are available through the Internet. Success is based on being open to opportunities. Pet-sitting, baby-sitting, designing websites, taking surveys on-line and blogging are some of the ways to use your skills to work from home.


If you are a web-savvy teen, you can make money at home by blogging. In addition to writing a blog, you need skills in updating, link-building and social networking to build traffic and make money from the blog. It takes less than a day to set up a blog and as a freelance job, you can do it on your own time. Every day more teens are discovering success from blogging, partly because of knowledge of topics that many adults have never heard about.

Web Design

Web designing is becoming a leading source for at-home jobs for teens, especially if you have a knack for designing social networking sites with background design, fonts and colors. Visit "" to find web design jobs. It is a great way to develop your skills in the industry and start building a portfolio of your work. Eventually, it could lead you to a full-time job with a rewarding compensation doing something you love.

Take Surveys

Teens enjoy taking online surveys for pocket money. The job requires you to fill out information and do some research. Initially, volume counts. You can expect to receive between $2 and $10 per survey. Some survey sites offer $20 to $200 after you are established with a company. Be sure to pick survey sites that pay you in cash instead of sweepstakes or redeemable points. Avoid sites with membership fees. Check out several sites and read their reviews before starting.

Pet-Sitting and Baby-Sitting

Teens find opportunities in pet- or baby-sitting as enjoyable ways to earn money while learning about responsibility and relationships. The jobs build self-confidence and boost self-esteem. Payments are usually on a per visit basis. You can also provide dog-walking services to break the monotony of staying indoors. People who are not able to take their pets for a long walk may be appreciative of an energetic and enthusiastic teen dog walker.