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Job Ideas for Kids Under 12

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As children get older, they often decide that they need additional spending money for music, clothes, shoes, games, activities with friends and other interests. If you want to teach your preteen the value of a dollar or her allowance is no longer enough, you may encourage her to take on an afternoon, weekend or summer job around the neighborhood to earn her own income.


Babysitting is one of the oldest and most common ways for preteens to earn money. How much they make depends largely on the number of children involved and the duties they are required to perform. Common duties may include picking a younger child up from school, watching a child for a few hours while the parents go out, or helping one parent care for the children while the other catches up on household work. The American Red Cross even offers a Babysitter’s Training course that will teach your 11- or 12-year-old how to care for children, be a positive role model, keep children safe, handle emergencies, write resumes and prepare for babysitting interviews.

Dog Walker

If your child loves dogs, he may consider walking dogs around the neighborhood for extra money. Besides earning money, he will be getting exercise and learning to build positive relationships with animals. If walking dogs is successful he may expand his job title by becoming a dog sitter. This position typically requires that he give food and water to the animals. With his parent's approval, he may also be able look after a dog while its owners are out of town.

Yard Work

Tending to her neighbor's yard is a way your daughter can earn extra money. Depending on the season, responsibilities of this job may include picking up trash, mowing lawns, watering flowers, raking leaves and shoveling snow.


If your son does a great job with his schoolwork he may consider tutoring younger children in subjects such as math, reading, spelling and science to make money. He can help younger children practice addition and subtraction, learn to read and spell new words and even work help with science projects. A parent may also hire a preteen to help a younger child with homework while preparing dinner, doing housework or caring for other children.

Housework and Errands

Although your daughter may not enjoy cleaning her room or doing her chores, she may be interested in doing a little housework for extra money. You can pay her to clean the garage and attic or do other cleaning that is not part of her normal chores. She may also earn money by doing work for neighbors, such as washing their car or picking up laundry from the local dry cleaner.

Paper Delivery

Delivering newspapers is another common way preteens earn extra money. If a daily newspaper route is not of interest, he may consider a weekly route instead. Other options include delivering advertisements, fliers and circulars for local businesses.

Selling Beverages

A lemonade stand is not the only way your daughter can make money selling beverages. She can earn money by selling bottled water and cans of soda pop on hot days. You can offer to loan her the upfront cost for the beverages to get her started or she can use her allowance or savings. If she purchases a case of soda pop or water when they are on sale, she can make up to twice as much as she paid for the beverages.


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