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What Kind of Jobs with a CDL?

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Operating any vehicle for commercial use requires a commercial driver's license. The CDL is mainly for truck driving but that does not limit the number of jobs available. According to the Burearu of Labor Statistics, truck drivers held 3.2 million jobs in 2008, a figure to grow 13 percent to 2018. Jobs available can differ from taking the CDL skills test and depend on the operator's interest in a particular profession. Certain vehicles and cargo require further training and additional endorsements to the license.

Transportation of Goods

Obtaining a Class B CDL can give you a job in the delivery and transportation of goods services. The most common jobs requiring this particular CDL are armored truck and package delivery drivers. Hauling goods from one location to another for consumers also needs cross-country truckers. Route and sales drivers arrange delivery of goods to local stores while promoting products to increase the store's inventory. Finding potential customers may also be the driver's responsibility.

Human Services

Class B licensed drivers who are socially active and enjoy the company of people can take the route of human services transportation. They can work in a variety of public transport options such as airport shuttles, school and city bus drivers. Light rail vehicle operator job are for those that possess a Class B CDL with Air Brake and Class P endorsement. Movers, who help transport furniture to a new home, also require a CDL due to the weight and size of the moving truck.

Waste Management

The waste management service provides jobs for Class B CDL holders as garbage truck operators for human and sewer waste as well as recycling. A hazardous waste driver deals with chemical waste collected from factories transporting it to safe areas for disposal. Hazardous material training and an additional endorsement of Class H on your CDL is required due to the nature of dangerous loads.

Construction Services

Construction jobs are available to those that want to be part of a physically hard-working labor force. Most construction workers who possess a Class B CDL are qualified to operate certain types of construction equipment such as dump trucks, cement mixers, backhoes, forklifts and bulldozers. Larger heavy-duty equipment requires an additional endorsement of Class A to operate cranes and tractor-trailers. Bobcats and small heavy-duty vehicle operators can look for careers in landscaping for residential and business communities.