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What Skills Are Acquired in Retail Job Experience for a Resume?

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Working in retail is about much more than just selling products or working a cash register. If you are interested in a permanent retail career or just looking for temporary employment, a job in the retail industry will provide you with many important skills that will last a lifetime. Recognizing these skills and adding them to your resume can help advance your career in many ways, whether you plan to stay in a retail environment or branch into another field.

Rocking Retail on Your Resume

If you've worked in the retail industry, be sure to include your customer service skills on your resume. You have likely assisted customers in a variety of ways, including resolving customer complaints and disputes. Retail jobs also teach you how to stay cool under pressure and think on your feet, which is a skill you likely honed during the Christmas shopping season when lines at your register were long and customer patience was short. The accurate handling of cash, credit and debit transactions should also make it to your resume, as this skill is one of the most important gained from your work in a retail establishment. Some jobs may also teach you technical and computer skills, since the retail environment requires you to work with point-of-sale systems and inventory tracking and ordering programs, depending upon your specific retail role. Further, don't forget your sales skills and that you thrived in a team environment.