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Ideas for an Office Bowling Party

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An office bowling party can celebrate any occasion. Bowling is a pastime that gives your colleagues a variety of entertainment options. Bowling centers offer food and drink, music and a laid-back atmosphere. In addition, bowling is a game that allows coworkers to interact in an engaging atmosphere. Putting together an office bowling party starts with determining a budget and then managing the details related to the bowling venue.

The Budget

Don't make guesses about how much money to spend on the office bowling party. Reference your company's budget in line items such as "staff development" or "entertainment," if possible. Ask your supervisor for a budget. Know how much you're permitted to spend on behalf of the company to throw the bowling party. With this number, you're able to make informed decisions on a party that is rewarding for everyone attending. When making party arrangements, think about what you want to spend on venue costs, bowling and shoe rentals, food and beverages and transportation. The more people attending, the higher your expenses will be; balance your options so that everyone has a chance to bowl and enjoy food and refreshments.

The Bowling Alley

Book the bowling center with the best deal for the amount you can afford to spend. Evaluate how well a bowling center meets the expectations for your party. Choose a bowling center based on considerations such as: can the venue fill your catering needs, does it have enough lanes to accommodate your attendee list, the costs of bowling and shoe rental plus the cost of food and hospitality.

Food and Hospitality

Food and hospitality is a significant expense when you throw an office bowling party, depending on the number of attendees. For smaller groups, consider allowing individuals to order directly from servers. In this case, you can usually pay by opening a company tab. Larger groups benefit from buffet or catered-style setups. For large groups, order the appropriate amount of food you'll need based on the number of people attending. Payment in advance is standard for this option. Set up a separate bar tab for individuals to order drinks.

Teams, Activities and Games

An office bowling party gives you an opportunity to entertain your coworkers and strengthen workplace dynamics. Keep the games informal to promote a festive party atmosphere with bowling related strategies to build company pride and enhance coworker relationships. Consider forming teams based on department, projects or original team names. Determine prizes for the winners and offer giveaways during the event.