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Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness at Work

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Doing something nice for fellow employees and co-workers is a wonderful way to improve your work relationships and boost office morale. These simple acts of kindness do not have to be huge or expensive gestures; in fact, sometimes the smallest gifts can be the most thoughtful. Be selfless and spread the love at work with some of these ideas.


Get your entire office or staff involved in supporting a worthy cause. Set up a canned food, toy or clothing drive for charity at the office. This is a great project to do, especially during the holiday season. Another idea is to donate flowers to the elderly or local hospitals. Donate a part of your paycheck to a nonprofit organization or start a collection basket for the same purpose. You can also organize a blood drive, a volunteer program or a mentorship program.


Being kind to your co-workers doesn't require very much effort at all. Get an extra cup of coffee or a snack for a fellow employee, so he doesn't have to go through the trouble. Sending flowers, balloons or greeting cards to team members is also a thoughtful way to tell someone you care. Cheer up colleagues who may be having a difficult time by writing them an encouraging email or poem.


Celebrate birthdays, going-aways and not-going-aways with small office parties. Recognizing birthdays is wonderful way to honor a valued employee. Bake a cake or cupcakes and take a few minutes out of the day to sing "Happy Birthday." Have the entire office sign a card for the birthday person. While most offices have going-away parties, throw a not-going-away party, in which the office celebrates the present workers with pizza or a potluck.

Random Acts of Kindness Schedule

Implement a system in your workplace where employees takes turns performing and benefiting from random acts of kindness. Prepare a schedule, so that each office employee will have a chance to participate. Also, make a set of ground rules, such as: the gesture cost should be no more than $10, or the gesture must benefit everyone in the office. You can assign two employees each month to be the random kindness instigators.


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