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How to Run an Office Cubicle Decoration Contest

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Friendly competition among co-workers can boost morale and camaraderie, and employee engagement can lower rates of turnover and absenteeism, according to Gallup research. Plan a cubicle decorating contest to foster teamwork and energize co-workers. A well-run event can turn your everyday office setting into a more festive and productive environment.

Choose a Theme

Invite volunteers to help you brainstorm and coordinate the contest logistics. Ask committee members to select a theme that is neutral and inclusive, such as a day at the beach or Fourth of July. Avoid topics that could unintentionally leave some employees feeling like outsiders, such as Christmas or Hanukkah. A more effective idea might be a winter wonderland, so that all employees can join the fun regardless of their religious affiliations.

Announce the Rules

Publicize the contest widely through emails and bulletin board postings. Furnish inexpensive supplies at no cost to your employees to encourage participation. These items can include card stock paper, colorful streamers, paints, markers and tape. Announce judging times and dates so contestants can be ready. Distribute entry forms throughout common areas, such as conference rooms or the company cafeteria.

Judging Criteria

Define your scoring system in advance of any judging. Committee members might agree to award points to the employee who demonstrates the best creativity or adherence to the theme, for example. Or recognize co-workers whose cubicle adornments are the most simplistic or demonstrate the best use of recycled materials. Publicize your judging criteria among your workforce so everyone has a fair chance to compete. Invite senior executives to serve as judges, or distribute ballots to employees and allow them to determine the winners. Aware gift cards, cash or even award certificates to contest winners.

Preventing Obstacles

Remind employees that the cube decorating contest cannot negatively affect business operations or the organization’s professional demeanor. This activity is designed to instill some fun and motivation, not leave workers or customers feeling inconvenienced. Ensure that employee involvement is voluntary. List the best times when co-workers can work on their decorations, such as during the lunch hour or after working hours. Communicate any restrictions, such as refraining from placing decorations in walkways or applying permanent paint to walls, windows or fixtures.

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