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Ideas to Raise Money in Your Office for Charity

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Charitable donations allow a company to give back to the community while promoting a sense of teamwork among employees. Fundraising events add an interesting change of pace to the average workday. All fundraising activities should be approved by management before being implemented in a work environment. Avoid making any employees feel pressured into participating to avoid negative feelings.

Department Challenges

A competitive touch to charitable fundraising sometimes increases the participation. To encourage donations in all departments, pit them against one another to see who can raise the most. Each department needs its own can or jar for money collection. The department with the most money at the end of a specific period is the winner. This idea also works if you are collecting food donations for a local food pantry or other items for other charities.

Casual Wear Buy-in

If casual days aren't a common occurrence in the office, this fundraiser might be a hit. Designate a particular day as a casual clothing day. Set clothing restrictions based on the office policies. Anyone wishing to participate in the casual day must contribute a minimum amount of money toward the charity. The exact amount depends on personal preference. You don't want to set the price so high that no one is willing to participate.

Mini-Golf Course

Playing games works well to promote office camaraderie. For this charity fundraiser, ask each department to develop a hole for the miniature golf course. Encourage them to be creative with the designs, keeping in mind the location of the mini golf course. If you have lots of long hallways in the office, an indoor mini golf course is possible. Otherwise, an outdoor space is ideal. To play a round of mini golf at lunch time, employees pay a set green fee. The money paid to play mini golf goes to the charity.

Costume Contest

Instead of everyone dressing up, this costume contest only needs one costume. The sillier the costume, the better. Choose five to 10 candidates to wear the costume for a day. Management team members work well because staff members will enjoy making them wear the silly costume. Each candidate needs her own jar or donation can. Other employees place money in the jar corresponding to the management team member they want to see where the costume. The person with the most money in her jar must wear the silly costume for the day. The money raised through the voting goes toward the fundraiser.


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