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How to Write a Resume Objective for a Forklift Operator

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The objective is an important, yet often neglected, section of any resume. Many applicants choose to simply indicate what type of job they are seeking in their objective, when instead they can use this short statement to draw the employer's attention to a specific quality or skill they have. As a forklift operator seeking a new position in the same field, your objective should focus on what you feel is your strongest selling point--such as a perfect safety record or experience with dozens of types of lifts--and indicate your desire to bring this skill to a new job.

Review the job description for the specific forklift operator position, taking note of any specific duties or responsibilities that go beyond that of a typical position. Scan your resume and identify what one skill or achievement you have that you feel best qualifies you to fulfill those duties. A few examples are safety awards, managerial skills or experience with a specific type of forklift equipment, such as telescopic attachments.

Write a sentence that states this skill you possess and your desire to obtain a position as a forklift operator at which you may put this skill to use.

Revise your objective, omitting the first person "I" and any extraneous adverbs or other words. The final statement should be succinct and to-the-point, calling the employer's attention to your ability and showing that you understand the details of the operator job you want.