How to Work from Home for The Donald Trump Network

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Donald Trump is launching a new network marketing company which people can work from home. It is currently in pre-launch, so this is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor before the rush!

This is Donald Trump's first foray into the world of Network Marketing. If you've never been involved with Network Marketing, it works like this: First you find a company you like. Preferably one with an impeccable reputation.

You are required to make an initial purchase of some of the company's products so that you may understand them and in turn be able to represent them professionally. After the initial purchase, there is a monthly auto-ship plan where a certain amount of products are shipped to you automatically.

Your job is to sell the products, and to recruit other people to sell the products also. If you are working with products you love, they will be much easier to sell to others. For further information on how to join The Trump Network, please go to: www.trumpnetwork.com/cathy

You earn money on the products you sell, and also on the people you recruit and in turn you also make money on they people they recruit, and the people they recruit and so on 7 people deep. So, once you build your team, it takes on a life of it's own growing larger and larger.

Network marketing has the potential to make a lot of money, and with Donald Trump at the helm, this particular company seems to have great potential. The Trump network will be going public in November, when Trump will start a major publicity campaign, so right now is the best time to get started!


Personal integrity is very important in network marketing.

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