How to Upload a CV for Jobs

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A curriculum vitae (CV) is a brief overview of your qualifications, which includes your academic achievements, work history and professional honors. The CV is typically created to pursue a position in academia such as applying to graduate school or obtaining a teaching career. Many job opportunities are posted on the Web and give you the ability to apply for them online. Deliver your information electronically by selecting the CV document from your computer and sending it to the job site of your choice.

Access a job website, such as CareerBuilder or Monster, and navigate to the "Help" or "FAQ" page listed on the site. Read the instructions to understand what type of file type, such as a Portable Document Format (PDF), your CV must be in to successfully upload it. Alternately, some job boards allow you to type your information directly on the website.

Launch a word processing application and type up your curriculum vitae information. Save your work in the file type specified on the job website by clicking the "File" menu and choosing the "Save As" option. Use the dialog window that displays to click an option under the "Format" drop-down list and choose your type.

Bring up the job site again and log in to your account. Navigate to the desired position.

Select the "Browse" or "Choose File" link that enables you to select your curriculum vitae document from your computer. Use the menus that appear to finish the upload process. Alternately, copy the CV data in your word processing document and simultaneously click the "CTRL" and "C" buttons on your keyboard to copy your work. Position your cursor in the designated text field on the job site and press the "CTRL" and "V" buttons to paste in your data.

Click the "Save" link to preserve your uploaded curriculum vitae.