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How to Run an Office Coffee Club

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An office coffee club promotes social interaction among members of the organization and also provides a way to cut the costs associated with purchasing on-site or restaurant coffee. In an office coffee club, each member of the club takes a turn as the provider of a tin of coffee (the size is designated by the club) and members also takes turns completing such duties as cleaning coffee cups and the coffee makers. In some coffee clubs, a small fee is charged per cup to pay for such items as milk, cream and sugar; in other coffee clubs a small fee is levied and the proceeds donated to a preferred local charity.

Promote the office coffee club through a poster in a common area. Distribute an email, with the permission of management, communicating the details of the coffee club such as cost and the type of coffee provided.

Collate the list of members, as well as the email and phone number for each member of the coffee club and assign each member a date for providing a fresh tin of coffee. Collect money from members on a quarterly basis for the purchase of supplies.

Determine any designated charity and distribute profits at the end of the year; voting on a charity is a way of ensuring all members agree or that members have a say in the chosen charity.


Engage coffee club members by voting on a type of coffee; ensure members are on the same page about the type of coffee (dark or light roast, cheap or expensive beans) before commencing the club.


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