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Hospitality Committee Duties

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A hospitality committee is a group made up of members of an organization (e.g., a church or membership group). The committee is responsible for conducting outreach activities, sponsoring events that welcome new members, and promoting fellowship throughout the organization.

Greeting New Members

A hospitality committee greets new members, welcoming them into an organization. This may be done in a variety of ways, including via a telephone call or home visit or by hosting new members' events.

Food Preparation

When hosting events, members of a hospitality committee are responsible for providing food and/or beverages for the attendees. These refreshments may be purchased with organization funds or prepared by committee members.

Community Information

Members of a hospitality committee provide information to members as requested. This may include giving out general information, such as the organization’s history, as well as satisfying more specific requests that members may have.

Events Calendar

A hospitality committee works with each other group within an organization to prepare and maintain a calendar of events. This calendar may be used when booking facility space as well as for keeping members abreast of community goings-on.

Promoting Fellowship

A hospitality committee promotes fellowship throughout the organization by connecting members with each other and recruiting members to participate in organizational events.


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