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The Average Salary of Homeless Shelter Executive Director

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An executive director of a homeless shelter is the top executive in the organization and reports directly to the board of directors. This type of facility is typically a nonprofit organization, and the executive director oversees and directs all operations.

National Average Compensation

According to, the national average salary of an executive director for a non-profit organization ranged between $44,352 and $81,759 per year in September 2010. This average includes homeless shelter organizations.


Under the category of emergency shelters and food banks, executive director salaries averaged $48,150 per year in September 2010.


Because this type of occupation is typically employed by a nonprofit organization, salaries do not vary extensively based on geography and cost of living differences. New York City listed an average salary of $46,085 per year, and Los Angeles listed an average salary of $45,210 per year.


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