How to Photocopy a Face

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How to Photocopy a Face. If you work in an office, chances are you've gotten the urge to photocopy some part of your body-even if you never acted on that urge. The next time you have the urge, photocopy your face. It's more than an act of boredom with office routine; photocopying your face can actually provide you with an interesting self-portrait that a camera could never capture.

Decide on the effect you want. A color photocopy can look a lot like a photograph, while a black-and-white photocopy is grainier and creates less overtly photographic effects. You can also use your face as an element in an image by including other items in the photocopy.

Choose a relatively private photocopy machine if you don't want people asking you what you're doing or giving you strange looks.

Remove any jewelry that might scratch the plate. If you have facial or ear piercings that you can't easily remove, make sure they won't come into direct contact with the plate.

Determine the angle of your self-portrait. A straight profile works well, as does turning slightly into or away from to photocopy machine. If you have other objects you want to include in the photocopy of your face, arrange them on the place.

Select the settings you'd like. Any settings can make a good photocopy of your face. Selecting "photograph" settings makes your face more defined, while other settings make it grainier. Because each machine gives different results, you must experiment with settings to get the effect you want.

Lay your face carefully onto the plate. Pressing your face into the plate creates distortion, which might be an effect you want. Close the lid of the photocopy machine as far as you can to block out the ambient light.

Press start and be prepared for a bright light. Close your eyes if they're sensitive. If you don't like the photocopy, change the settings and start again.


Public copy centers aren't the best place to photocopy your face; some centers may stop you from photocopying your face if staff sees you doing it. It's also not the kind of thing you want your manager catching you doing with the office photocopy machine. Exposure to the bright light of a photocopy machine can create seizures in sensitive individuals.

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