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How to Make a Cover Letter for Firefighting

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When applying for a firefighter job, it is necessary to submit an application, a resume and a cover letter. The cover letter should never be excluded, because it gives you an opportunity to sell yourself to the employer. The cover letter should not be too wordy. Two paragraphs is generally sufficient. The employer should be able to glance at your cover letter and determine whether you meet the minimum qualifications for the firefighter position.

Include your name, address and contact information at the top of the cover letter. Include the date. Include the name of the hiring director or fire chief as well as well as the address. Generally, this information will be listed in the job announcement.

Greet the hiring manager by his title, first name and last name. For example, “Greetings Chief John Doe.”

State that you are writing to submit your application and resume in application for the open firefighter position. If you know the precinct for the open position, state the precinct. State how you learned of the open position. If you learned of the position through another firefighter, state his name and precinct.

State whether you have experience as a firefighter. If you do, state the amount of experience and the precinct you worked for. Mention how, as a result of your years of experience, you are very knowledgeable about firefighting principles and practices.

State whether you have military experience. If you have a military background, it can increase your chances of getting hired with the fire department. Include the branch of the military you served in, as well as the year you were discharged.

Mention whether you have any special certifications, such as CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and EMT (emergency management technician). You do not have to list the details of your certification. The details can be saved for your resume.

Ask for an interview. State that you would like to meet at a mutually convenient time to further discuss how your experience can contribute to the city's fire department.


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