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How to Make a Cook's Resume

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A cook’s talent, creativity, skill set and experience determine the level of restaurant where she can exercise her culinary talents. Treat your chef’s resume as a front line soldier in your career search. Make a list of every cooking-related skill you possess. Create a resume that draws a hiring person’s attention immediately to the qualification a restaurant requires.

Create a heading to include on your resume and on your references pages. Center your name followed by your postal address, telephone number(s) and your email address. Keep this information up-to-date.

Write a relevant career objective that shows your fit for the restaurant to which you are applying. Include the specific position for which you are applying. Note your level of cooking experience. Write, for instance, “Seeking a first-class hotel restaurant sous chef position where I can bring my five years of sous chef experience in Dallas hotels." Or, "Desire a position in which I can develop my culinary talents to the benefit of a restaurant.” Place your career objective at the top of your resume.

Describe your culinary knowledge in a functional-chronological resume. List your skills set and talents beneath your career objective in bullet points. Include information, such as wine and spirits management, restaurant organization skills and experience. Place culinary schools and programs from which you graduated in this section.

Follow a list of skills and experience with your employment history. Provide your job history, including cooking and non-restaurant positions. List your current or most recent position first. Include the employer name, dates you worked there, responsibilities and achievements. Write a line describing why you left the position.

Incorporate keywords to capture a potential employer’s resume scanning software. Pull keywords from the chef position posting for maximum keyword effectiveness. Include, for example, information about your experience preparing food to complement particular wines and vineyard cuisine for a restaurant located at a winery. Mention terms including, but not limited to, "leadership" and "project management skills."

Create a separate page for your references. Enter each reference name and current title. Add the person's contact information and the person's role in your professional career.


Try to keep your resume at a single full page. If you must extend to two pages, fill in a full page.